What are the criteria to be selected as a seller at The Hammock Market?

Our target audience is local young adults. We'll curate the sellers based on their style and fits that cater to the local young adults' trends.


Does my following on Instagram matter?

We have selected countless individuals without a strong following; your style and fit are what matter. Likewise, we have rejected individuals with strong followings because we think their style isn't suited to the market preferences.


Why the need for selection? Why can’t anyone join?

The selection process isn't an act of discrimination; we just want to make sure you can make a good sale at our market.

As our target audience is local young adults, we believe they are more discerning with their purchases given the myriad of different shopping channels available. The curation process will help match the demand better and, in turn, result in better sales for the individual.

It would be much easier and require less work for us if we were to accept anyone and everyone. However, at the end of the day, the sellers (not us) are the ones to lose out if they don’t get a good sale because their sale items aren’t a fit for our demographics.

This isn’t to say we are 100% spot-on in our selection; there are many factors that affect your sale at the market as well. But the curation process will just help better the chances.


What can we do to help increase my chances of being selected?

  1. Change your account to public. Those who are public will get a priority compared to private accounts where we need to request to view your feeds.
  2. Make sure you have enough outfits photos to show your style, an account with mostly scenery and food photos will not help us in the curation.


Should I apply again if I am not selected for the first time? 

Yes, the chances of being selected depends on the pool of candidates. You may get a better chance the next time; and we do give priority if you are first-timer. 


When would I know if I am not selected? 

The selection timeline depends on the seller’s response after we send them an email for payment. We'll have to wait (3) working days for them to respond before looking for another seller. This process could drag on for more than a week before the confirmation of one seller.

We also accommodate sellers who want to change their date, if we can find a new seller in time. Hence, you might receive an email from us three days or even two days before the event.

This flexibility means we do not have a cut-off period for selection.


Can an individual apply for a Thrift Store booth?

The Thrift Store booth is catered for small businesses only. For individuals, please apply for the Hammock booth – either Type 1 (without rack) or Type 2 (with rack).


If I have telegram preloved sale account, can I apply for a Thrift Store booth.

Yes, you may. Just create an Instagram account with a brand logo and you are good to go. We need your brand logo and Instagram account for marketing purposes – for featured posts and tags.


Can makers share a booth?

Sure, we have no qualms with that -- just input both Instagram handles on the application form.


Do you accept F&B sellers?

Yes, we welcome you. However, according to the SFA, only brands that have an SFA-certified kitchen can hold a pop-up. As much as we would love to include home-based sellers, we can't.


Why other markets are able to accept home-based bakers?

Officially they are not allowed to, but if no one complains --- then all’s well.

Unfortunately, a party has lodged a complaint twice against us and SFA has given us a stern warning to decline home-based bakers.